Port Moody real estate agents understand that a home buyer wants to see the property in person before buying. The agent knows that when a potential home buyer sees the property it’s as much about the photos, which are taken on site, as it is about the home itself. If you have an attractive home that has been properly photographed and that is listed at a reasonable price, your buyer will be willing to make an offer. Here are some tips to make sure your agent gives you a fair shake.

The first thing a real estate agent will look for when viewing a home is the photos. There are a variety of cameras that can be used to take pictures and get a picture of the home or the property. Be sure to explain to your agent that you plan on taking photos and the number of hours you will use them.

The next thing an agent will look at is the property itself. If the home or property looks like it would be a good investment, the agent will most likely offer it at a fair price. If you have an older home that needs repairs, but you plan on getting it cleaned up, you may be able to get a good price on it.

A home that is not in good shape is not likely to bring in any money. You will have to explain to your agent that a home that is in good shape will attract more buyers and that your agent can do whatever he needs to do to sell the home.

An important tip to remember is that an agent will give a good deal if you show interest in the property even before the real estate agent offers it. Many agents try to sell properties on the spot. Your agent will be able to work out something that works for you before the seller offers it. If you’re not interested, don’t worry, the seller probably didn’t want to sell it anyway.

As you can see, a real estate agent can do all kinds of things to sell a home. So be sure to ask the right questions before viewing a home so that the agent will give you a fair shake and help you make the best possible offer.