Mr Cream – pronounced: Mow-Tee (Ha Tz-Kun) – is one of the more prominent brands of noodles in the country. The famous fast-food giant sells noodles, rice and snacks in over hundreds of outlets in different cities and suburbs of Bangkok. It has been a popular choice among the locals and travelers for quite some time now. However, its popularity seems to be on the wane at present due to several factors. We will be looking into those below:

Mr Cream

Inaccuracies – Well, firstly, we shall be looking into the inaccuracies of the service itself. The renowned fast-food giant uses cheap and substandard noodles and other condiments in its noodles. Moreover, the noodle items are often pre-made or pre-cooked, which are then frozen and supplied to various outlets. The best way is always to make your noodles fresh when you order it, that way, you can enjoy freshness of your noodle dishes. However, Best Nangs also targets to beat the cheapest price in the market and so, prices of its noodles and condiments are very competitive.

Inaccessibility of its noodles – This is one problem that Best Nang enjoys having. It is an important aspect of its business strategy that has made it famous. The famous service uses dispensers, which can deliver the noodles on timer. In this dispenser based kitchen system, noodles are hand-picked (or pre-picked) from your kitchen and then packed with quality ingredients and served to you on your doorstep at the best delivery times.

Slow delivery services – Many customers complain about the slow delivery services of Mr Cream. Although the company offers free home delivery, many customers report taking up to 3 hours for the noodles to arrive in their doorstep. It takes a lot of time indeed to have the noodles delivered to your doorstep but this is not the only problem. The fact that the noodles take such long to come through is another one among many customers complaining about the lack of freshness in the noodles of Mr Cream.

No provisions for side orders – It is perhaps the biggest setback of all. The famous nang delivery service promises to cater for all your food cravings but the side orders are actually not included in the package. In spite of this, many customers still opt for this renowned service simply because they don’t offer anything better. Other complaints include the absence of provision for refrigerated condiments, no provision for customized noodle dishes and the fact that the prices offered by the popular noodle house are far below the market price.

No tracking number – For food deliveries, a tracking number is absolutely necessary. Most of the restaurants that do not offer tracking number for their noodles base their noodles’ availability on weekly or monthly basis. However, this does not work for Mr Cream. They keep this information secret and hence, it is difficult for the customer to check the availability of noodles in his area. Many customers are quick to judge a mediocre noodles shop by the way it treats them and hence, prefer to avoid getting noodles from a place that does not treat them well.

Poor quality – Some customers have also complained about the soggy texture and crumb of the Mr Cream. Although the noodles are quite soft, they are unable to retain the shape of the spoon used to eat them. Some other customers have even filed lawsuits against the company claiming its Mr Creams are low in quality. The dispenser may not look as good as it used to be but the taste is definitely worth the money. Therefore, try to get your noodles from a store with the best nang delivery to suit your preferences.

Well-maintained dispensers – Apart from looking and being clean, another important factor in choosing a store for your freshly launched service is how well-maintained the dispenser is. If the staff at the store is friendly and helpful, you will be encouraged to buy more products from that store. It’s a win-win situation. You get cream chargers from the store and enjoy a tasty dessert. You get great discounts and save money too!