The best way to start a DnD tournament is with a character. At the beginning of the game, each player selects one of their characters and rolls a die for attack, damage, or healing, based on what spells they have available. The dice determine which magic item the character is equipped with, and if they are an elf, they roll on the elf list, based on the names of their spells.

DnD tournament

Once all the players have had a chance to select their characters, the Dungeon Master asks for a ‘choose your character’ option. In this scenario, each player rolls a die for the character’s attributes, the dice for an ability score, and a die for the character’s levels. The D&D dice sets determine the level of experience needed to advance from novice to master.

After all players have chosen their characters, the DM gives the players a few minutes to ‘dice up’ their characters. The DM then assigns a random number of points to each character on the basis of these dice rolls. At the end of this period, the players roll to see who has the most experience points.

After the dice have been assigned, the DM will introduce the class of the characters. If players are using the same character for both games, then they must refer to the class on the character sheet. Otherwise, they can refer to the class’s abilities on the character sheet.

Each class will also have a special action ability, a type of action that will take place during the round at the start of combat. The players are allowed a maximum of three times a character’s normal initiative number. A character must select which character he is going to fight first, and follow the rest of the rules of the game as they apply to that character.

Every player rolls a number of D&D dice equal to the number of characters they have on the board. Then, the character with the highest die roll goes first. The players roll a number of dice equal to the total number of characters on the board.

Finally, the last player takes their turn, and all players roll again to see who wins the DnD tournament. The winner receives a new character sheet and is given the chance to choose another character sheet. The players then roll again to see who wins the DnD tournament.