Given that your appliances are essential to doing a lot of the things you do every day, a break down in one of them can be quite frustrating. Think, for instance, about you’re your stove or refrigerator malfunctioning! The resulting inconvenience can be significant. In the case of the kitchen stove, you are forced to find alternative ways to keep your family fed, some of which can be expensive and unhealthy. A defective fridge can lead to loss of your food supplies, which can be especially substantial if you love to shop groceries in bulk. If you’ve invested in a top quality stove, refrigerator, or some other appliance, the probability of frequent breakdowns is low. With routine maintenance, chances of appliance malfunctions are further diminished. Of course, you’ll still need to deal with occasional problems that come as a result of wear and tear. These include:

  • The appliance has problems turning on or going off
  • The appliance starts and stops suddenly
  • The appliance has electrical problems or is leaking gas
  • The appliance is very noisy or vibrates when on
  • The appliance leaks water
  • Lights and displays are defective

All appliances will certainly experience one or more of the defects above at some point in their lifetimes. The good news is that there’s always something you can do when your appliance is defective. Call us at Del Mar APPLIANCE REPAIR. We can thoroughly troubleshoot your defective appliance and provide a lasting solution for it.

But Why Choose Del Mar APPLIANCE REPAIR?For a long time, Del Mar APPLIANCE REPAIR has consistently offered top notch service to residents and business owners in the region. When it comes to appliance maintenance and repair, no one comes close to us. We have some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. All our experts are certified by EPA, so you can always rest assured that your appliance is in the hands of a professional. We guarantee that no matter how severe the problem in your appliance seems, we’ll tackle it in no time. Our punctuality is legendary. We are committed to providing same-day service so our clients don’t get inconvenienced another day. We usually provide a quote for the repair costs upfront to help you make a decision. As you’ll find out, our rates are quite pocket-friendly. We can handle all the brands in the country. In case your appliance requires some repair parts, we’ll use original, factory-approves spares. Once we start the repair, you can expect your appliance to be up and running within no time. We’ll then clean up the area as soon as we are done.