Just a few months ago, I was spending an incredible vacation with my wife and kids in Thailand, https://www.absolutesanctuary.com. The program’s objective was to introduce each of us to a completely new healthy habits for life – one that I believe is much better than the yoga retreat I have attended every year for the past three years.

The best part about this particular Thai Yoga retreat, as compared to my other vacations, is that everyone was having fun and kept sharing his/her ideas on how to get started living the lifestyle. It sounded so easy, so fun and healthy – but it is also so much more. After spending three incredible days at our special Thai fitness retreat, I can say without any doubt that Yoga class & group meditation sessions at this specific Thai retreat are a great combination to create a fitness routine.

The evening meditation sessions that were going on throughout the day were full of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm. The Thai Massage instructors were a great source of health and well-being. The most amazing part of all is that these individuals are sharing their secrets with anyone who wants to find the same, only they are using Yoga and Massage as a way to take your life to the next level. I am really grateful to the Sri Lankan people who had not only set aside their differences and come together to make this Thai retreat into a complete health and fitness retreat.

During the evening meditation sessions, they asked the participants to participate in a Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA). This simple and easy step of the entire yoga retreat was like a teaser of what the rest of the program had in store for the participants. The Bio Impedance Analysis, also known as the BIA, is an excellent method to determine how to change your lifestyle. Of course, the BIA was conducted by some of the very same instructors who actually teach you how to get a BIA.

During the BIA, the instructor and his colleagues took some pictures of each of the participants, asking them to take some pictures while they were lying down. After they finished their BIA, they had to answer a few questions. These questions were designed to provide the participants with the answers they need to develop their new healthy habits for life.

These people had different reasons to why they wanted to change their lifestyles. Some of them wanted to get in shape and be healthy in order to feel more confident. Some of them wanted to be in shape in order to attract the love of their spouse.

Although, the yoga retreat program was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, the biggest surprise was when the instructor told me that my wife and I were able to discover some unique new behaviors from the Bio Impedance Analysis of the participants. It is as if we have been granted a secret gift of a personal development from the very heart of the practitioners themselves.

This all happened during the Yoga Retreat held in the island of Phuket in Thailand. I know that this was an extraordinary Yoga class & group meditation sessions, because I am certain that the people who are involved in this particular Thai yoga retreat are the best in the world.