When there is so much information available, why does it still be so popular to see “click here” buttons on the internet? Why do you still get copy stuffed with poorly researched or documented tips from poorly trained content strategists? The simple answer is because it works. Click here is an incredibly effective tool and its usability is a direct result of the search engine algorithms that work behind it. Here’s why.

click here

Search engines use the words “click here” as an indication that you are actually clicking on the link and are actively participating in the conversation being had at the website. This is important because it helps the search engine read the content of the website.

Google has been doing a great job of keeping their algorithms in check and finding new ways to penalize websites that are not informative enough. As a result of this, websites that have used the term “click here” in their copy will suffer from a loss of ranking on Google.

The good news is that there are several methods of changing your website so that it no longer uses the term “click here” when directing traffic to the landing page. One way is by using Meta tags. Another is by using keywords in the body of the text. Yet another way is to rewrite your entire website and then submit it to Google. If you follow these methods, you will have a website that is both informative and search engine friendly.

If you have a website with a large amount of information, it is best to avoid using the term “click here” on your content as it will negatively impact your rankings on Google. Instead, create an informative article that contains the keyword you want to use in the title of your article and use it throughout your content. Also, if you have a large amount of content, consider using the “click here” button for content within your articles.

In conclusion, “click here” is not only a great tool for getting more traffic to your website, but it is also a very powerful tool for Google. It has helped thousands of websites to get high rankings in search engine results and it could help you, too.

Finally, if you are not sure about how to get your website ranked on Google, then start by simply making sure you are using “click here” instead of “back here.” This will ensure you have good search engine optimization. You can always change back to the traditional form of linking later, if you find the need to do so.

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