Renovation is basically the process of enhancing a damaged, outdated, or otherwise unsound structure. Renovations can be either residential or commercial. In addition, renovation can pertain to bringing something new into a location, or simply making something older, look newer, and may apply more generally in cultural or social contexts.


A renovation is an investment in a place; it is an attempt to make a place look better, more appealing, and sometimes just give it a “new look.” Commercial construction and renovation, unlike residential remodeling, are generally planned, executed, and owned by the person who owns the commercial building. When it comes to commercial buildings, owners themselves will usually hire a contractor to oversee the construction, remodel, and renovation of their property. Some companies, such as The Williams Companies offer residential renovation services, but tend to specialize in commercial construction and renovation projects. If you’re considering hiring a contractor to oversee your renovation needs at home, here’s what you should consider:

Who is the contractor working for? As a client, you want to know who is doing the renovation. Are they hiring local residents, Virginians, contractors from overseas, and other professional individuals with the right skill sets? Do they have the appropriate permits, subcontractors, and experience to do the renovations in question? You need to ensure that your renovation project team has the ability, knowledge, and experience to do the work correctly.

What are the objectives of the renovation? Is the purpose of the renovation to enhance the existing livability of the property, create a more welcoming environment, expand living space, create a more flexible interior layout, or perhaps bring additional value to the property? Each of these goals will dictate the type of renovation that needs to be done. For example, if you’re making changes to the interior of the house such as replacement of dated cabinets or installing new appliances, you’ll want to make sure that the contractor you choose has extensive experience in renovating interiors. Likewise, if you’re focusing on the exterior of the home, you’ll want to focus on materials that will withstand the elements, such as brick coating or a green roof.

What type of materials is the exterior or interior being remodeled made out of? Some renovations include only upgrading the siding or painting on the exterior of the house, while others include extensive remodeling, including replacement of entire buildings. It is very important that your remodeling company has an extensive variety of materials on hand, as they should be able to provide the right materials for any given project.

What are your budget constraints for the project? If you’re working on a limited budget, don’t make any costly mistakes by hiring a renovation company with an inferior workmanship or design. Hiring an affordable renovation company is not easy when you have to factor in all of the costs associated with the renovation itself, as well as the design and materials that will be used. Ask the remodeler about their average cost for all jobs that they’ve completed in the past. When you get a copy of the estimate, compare it with your budget to ensure that your project is affordable.

How will you get access to the necessary funds to complete the renovations? Some areas may not be suitable for large scale renovations due to the availability of water or sewer lines, which limits the amount of remodeling that can take place. This means that you will have to apply for a loan before you start the project, in order to pay for all materials as well as labor costs. Having access to a loan is extremely important for major renovations, as it allows you to complete the project and move on to other projects.

These are just a few questions to ask any contractor you are considering for your next home project. A good contractor will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, and will often be available to talk to you about various aspects of the job, including materials, pricing, and even what types of tools you will need during the renovation. With a thorough renovation, a great deal of planning goes into making sure that the project is completed to your expectations, and within the budget set by you and your home owner’s association. Using a thumbtack to plan out the renovation will help you make sure that the project goes smoothly, and that you don’t end up spending more money than you intended.