Thanksgiving is a good time to share thanks and express gratitude with others by giving to charities that help people in desperate need. One way to do this is by contributing time in the Feed the Hungry charity drive taking place in Boca Raton, Fl. This community effort is a collaboration between Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. and Kantor Family Center for Justice, a faith-based agency focusing on children and families. This year’s effort gives more than just food. Tickets to the concert featuring musical acts featuring: Kaleidoscopic musicians Ashanti, Enya, Bachelorette and The Anonymous Mad hatter, were donated by supporters who gave up their tickets as gifts to feed those in need.

Kantor Family Center for Justice

“We are humbled by the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations we will be raising,” says Executive Director Keiko Tate. “This money will go directly towards the food, lodging and operational costs for this special event. We are also very pleased to have such a large percentage of our proceeds going to benefit hungry children and families in our area,” says Tate. “A portion of the ticket sales will go towards paying for the food, while the remainder will benefit the charities.” To further demonstrate their gratitude, the Tate Family Center for Justice will be auctioning off the tickets for the Thanksgiving concert on or around Thanksgiving Day.

“The fundraising success from our past events has enabled us to establish a highly regarded name for ourselves and for our volunteer organizations,” says Kantor Family Center for Justice – Doug Ebenstein President, Richard T. Lambe. “But without the support of the community and donors, it would be difficult for us to continue these vital programs and services.” “The Tate Racking System has played a critical role not only in the growth of the center but also its continued growth,” says Lambe. “Now more than ever we need the help of volunteers like you to help us serve our neighborhoods and families. Your generous donations to this important cause will make a difference in the lives of countless people.”

It’s easy to see the benefits of donating time and your talents to this worthy cause. When you donate time, you increase the scope and scale of your job. You’ll be able to serve more people more effectively. You’ll also be a more effective fundraiser as a result. And you’ll certainly be able to raise more money! If you’re looking for a great way to get started making donations that will have a greater impact, try the Tate Racking System.

This is a racking system that is not only made to fit into existing storage facility dimensions but also provides ample room for future growth. It can be fully customized to meet any organization’s needs. There are over 300 pieces of equipment, including shelves, bins, and carts, which are easily customizable. In addition, the system includes space-saving racks that are designed to save valuable floor space. The following article will take you through some of the benefits of donating to this great organization.

When you donate time to an organization that helps people in a number of ways, your talents are used not only on a permanent basis but also in a number of other ways. For example, you could set up a daycare to ensure that a child gets the care and attention he or she needs. If you work in an office that is closed on the weekends, you can use your time to set up a guest room for overnight guests. There are also a number of other opportunities, such as serving as an organizer for a big event, or helping a local organization with their fundraising efforts.

In many cases, when people in your community know that you are taking the time to help them out, they will be more inclined to do things like help out with the youth sports programs in your community. This can provide them with a number of great experiences, ranging from having fun to getting exercise. By donating time share units, you are able to give these kids a number of options for their experience. They may also learn something new about themselves or what the organization they are a part of stands for.

No matter how large or small the amount of time you have available, donating to a good cause can always prove to be beneficial to you. Your time can be put to good use in a variety of ways, helping out a variety of people who don’t have time to give. This option for time share is one that thousands of people in all areas are using every day.