Hawaiian coffee is a unique brew. It has an exotic flavor and is one of the world’s best coffee blends. There are two main varieties of coffee that you can find in Hawaii.


Kona coffee is grown in the Kona district of Hawaii. Kona is the coffee variety grown in the high volcanic terrain of the island of Hawaii. This district is where the Kona is grown and roasted. The flavor is a complex mix of rich and fruity flavors, quite a bit of acidity, and a light coffee roast. It can come in a variety of roasts and can have caramel flavors, with a touch of toffee or nuts.

Kona is sometimes called the “Tree of Heaven,” because it is harvested from the top of the plant and planted right in the ground. It is also referred to as the “Most Photogenic Plant.” Other people refer to the Kona as the “Tree of Joy.” Kona is also grown to be one of the main ingredients in making the famous Hawaii coffee blend. They roast the coffee to a medium-dark flavor so that they have a very distinct taste that other coffee blends lack.

Hawaiian coffee was originally brought to Hawaii by Polynesians when they settled on the island centuries ago. Coffee beans were planted as early as 800 A.D. and it was soon apparent that the coffee plant produced fruit that was heavy in oil. Coffee trees are known for their resistance to diseases and pests and are very resilient.

Other special varieties of coffee are grown for flavoring rather than for use in brewing coffee. These include the Kona variety which were originally named for a person who brought coffee to Hawaii, and the “Kona blend” which combines several different kinds of coffee to produce a specific coffee drink that is unique to Hawaii.

Kona coffee is processed in a machine called a Green Machine. Kona Green Machines is one of the world’s best coffee manufacturers. They can process and roast Kona coffee in the same process as other coffee growers in Hawaii.

Green Machines process Kona coffee at temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the highest temperature of any coffee processing equipment. These high temperatures create the flavorful oils that create a very aromatic and distinct taste in Kona coffee. Green Machines uses carbon dioxide to keep the coffee warm, but the aroma is also maintained. As the coffee starts to brew, the machine makes sure that the heat is turned down until the coffee starts to brew.

Both Kona and Green Machines are using to make the most exceptional coffee in Hawaii. These machines do not require water to make coffee, which is why they are so popular with Hawaii coffee lovers. It is easy to find a variety of local coffee stores that can provide you with Kona coffee or Green Machine coffee.