“Trash King” is a well-known dumpster rental company in Greater Vancouver that offers affordable trash bin rentals in Burnaby. We also offer a wide variety of trash bags and composters for rent, as well as multiple options for pickup. We have bins available for all residential and commercial properties, from industrial areas to single family homes. Whether you need a full sized commercial dumpster or an apartment sized dumpster for your personal use, we have it all.

“Trash king is a bin rental company that delivers affordable bins and dumpster rental Burnaby to residential clients throughout Greater Vancouver Canada. We have a large assortment of bins including single and double sized garbage cans and biodegradable containers such as plastic containers and paper bags. We also have a large variety of bags and computers which will suit any needs. We have recycling programs that help to re-use household waste by turning them into compost that can be used to grow more organic gardens. Our recycling partner collects our refuse and recycles it in the form of bags or compost. Our garbage and recyclables are processed and recycled through a fully automated collection process.

“trash king is an established and reliable bin rental Burnaby company offering great rates, quality service, and fast service. We have a wide variety of garbage bags and other computers for your needs, including large, medium, and small bins. For all kinds of commercial and industrial sites, we have a large variety of bins. We also have dumpsters to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you need a heavy duty truck mounted garbage or composting dumpster or a compact, portable, compact, and affordable unit for your home or business, we have a wide selection to meet all your needs and requirements.”

“We have been helping people, families, businesses, and agencies throughout Burnaby and Vancouver with a large selection of dumpster rental services for a number of years now, and we have helped many homeowners turn their property into a green home by recycling their garbage and using their garbage and compost for growing organic vegetables, flowers. In addition, we offer a wide range of service options, including daily pickup and delivery, to meet any of your needs, 24 hours a day. If you require the service of a full-service garbage and composting facility, we offer both traditional truck mounted garbage and composting, or our new eco friendly compost bins, which come with two trash bags and a compost bin. For your convenience, we offer a free estimate for any one of our trash and composting services.

We understand the important of having different options when it comes to garbage and composting. We encourage our clients to contact us with any questions, concerns so that we may help you determine what works best for your needs. We have a team of environmentally conscious professionals who have many years of experience in providing top quality trash and composting services and a long list of satisfied customers. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction of your dumpster rental Burnaby, Vancouver or Surrey. Contact us today for more information.

Garbage and composting are a critical component of keeping our planet clean and healthy for future generations. By taking responsibility to recycle and reduce your impact on our environment, you will help us preserve the health and vitality of our planet.