Douglas Ebenstein is one of the most prolific real estate investors in the Washington, DC area. He and his wife, Debra, have bought and renovated hundreds of houses for people from all over the world. In the process, they’ve created a reputation for themselves as great realtors who can help you buy and own a home in the capital of the United States.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling real estate, it might be a good idea to get your information about Ebenstein and his firm from someone who knows them personally. Here are some things you should know about him.

Douglas Ebenstein is a graduate of the University of Texas, who also has a master’s degree in business administration. The University of Texas has been a long standing school for real estate professionals and was one of the first schools in the country to offer an online MBA program. While the Ebensteins received their undergraduate degrees at UT, they continued their education at Harvard University, which offers an online Master’s in Business Administration program.

The Ebenstein family has owned and managed real estate since their grandfather immigrated to the United States in 1900. Over the years, the Ebensteins have built a name for themselves not only because of their success but because of the integrity they maintain. Because of this, they were given a prestigious award by the National Association of Realtors for their “Real Estate Industry Leadership.” They have been consistently ranked among the top realtors in the Washington, DC area.

Douglas Ebenstein is very proud of the company he’s built. He works very hard to stay competitive in the real estate market. When it comes to his real estate practices, he says, “You’ll find that we work hard to give each of our customers the best service possible. And that’s exactly what we do: we provide value, attention to detail, and above all else – results!”

One of the best things about having a realtor like Douglas Ebenstein Real Estate DC Provider as your real estate provider is that you never have to be stressed out. The real estate industry is very competitive, with many realtors offering lower prices for properties. if you’re able to buy their homes, but if you’re not able to purchase homes like theirs, you might be surprised to see how often you’ll end up paying less than what they sold for their homes.