In this article we are going to look at a very special case of a successful entrepreneur, Douglas Ebenstein, and how his experience has helped him to launch a successful online business that not only employs hundreds, but is growing bigger every single day. Douglas Ebenstein is the founder of Premier Center – Norman’s son. Here you will learn how this successful entrepreneur gained the knowledge and business skills that have led to such a great success for himself and his business.

Premier Centers – Norman’s son began with the mission of providing quality dental care and educational opportunities to all children in grade school through a network of dentist offices. His father, a retired physics professor, taught him the importance of dentistry and became a successful dental marketing agent. After dedicating most of his life to providing exceptional dental care to families, Douglas decided to create his own business.

Normans Son Douglas Ebenstein Expanding Help
Norman’s Son Douglas Ebenstein Expanding Help

It was a challenge to start a business from scratch since he had no previous experience, but he felt it was important to be true to his father’s vision. So he started with a few simple goals – to provide the best dental care for children and to eventually expand to include additional clinics and offices. One of the primary goals of his business has been to help children who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Dr. Ebenstein’s love for children, and desire to provide quality dental services, has allowed him to help countless children in the Triangle area with their issues.

There are several keys to having a successful business. The most important is having a product or service people want. They need to know they can count on you. When customers trust you and are comfortable using your products and services, they will keep returning – many times becoming regular customers. Another key to having a successful business is to have a marketing strategy that uses a combination of print, television and radio advertising.

Many small businesses fail for one reason. A lack of marketing. Having a local marketing strategy is critical to the success of any small business. Norman’s father, a dentist in nearby Wilmington, helped him establish a relationship with a local radio personality and this helped pave the way for Norman’s success. Now, other dentists in the area have also started using local radio to reach potential clients.

Advertising is key to business success, and television and newspaper ads can do a lot to boost business. In the beginning, however, a new dentist must rely on word of mouth. “I try not to look at it as advertising, but more as a way to help one person at a time,” Norman said.

Norman’s son Douglas, now a dentist in his own right, is working hard to expand the practice. As a child he used to brush his teeth by himself and taught himself how to do simple procedures. As he grew older, he started taking courses in advanced orthodontics and learned the ropes from his father. Now he is looking at ways to broaden his practice. In addition to using the Internet to find potential clients, he is happy to be able to use video and photography to generate interest in his services. He is especially glad that he can have one-on-one conversations with patients.

“We talk about the work we do and share stories of success,” Norman’s son said. “Norman and I are also excited about expanding the scope of services that we can offer.” They hope to add other dental offices in the area, eventually allowing patients to see one dentist for all of their dentistry needs. “Norman and I just feel like we got lucky when we found each other early in life,” Douglas said. “Now our dream is becoming a reality.”