“sports broadcasting (스포츠중계)” and “sports headquarters” have become synonymous. It used to be just a small handful of stores selling only, perhaps, footballs and baseball cards. Now there are dozens of such shops scattered throughout towns, cities and campuses. They have expanded their product line to include televisions, headphones, chargers, GPS units, dongles, and dozens of other items commonly used in the sports industry. The number of sports broadcast homes has also increased significantly.

So where does all this equipment come from? Many outlets including major sports network affiliates, radio stations, individual sports lovers, and even individual enthusiasts with a passion for sports broadcasting spend thousands of dollars to purchase a system, antennas, cables, and all the necessary equipment to get their sports broadcasting job on air. In many cases, they work out of their own home or garage and fire their employees (mostly) to death at home in front of their roommates while drinking and smoking. Others have been employed in the field for many years and enjoy such benefits as free hotel accommodations, meals, health and vision coverage, etc., but find the stress and grueling job schedules too much to handle. Luckily, there are options like SportsHQ, which is an ideal solution for many because it is housed in one roofed space.

Sports HQ is an indoor sports broadcast studio that can be set up within a few short weeks and ready to go in less than a day. The entire operation can be managed by one person-no longer needing to employ two or more full-time staff members. This is a huge plus especially in today’s economy when economies should be growing not contracting. In addition, Sports HQ offers tons of perks and benefits including health insurance and full medical support for employees during their stay, and most importantly, the opportunity to broadcast from home.

Sports HQ offers the best of broadcast equipment and services, starting with the HD Sports Camcorders, Pro Sports Reel, Digital Video Recorder, LCD Digital Program Guide, the HD Frontline Stereo system, the Wireless Digital Cable System, the iPhone and iPad apps, and of course, the LCD Digital Program Guide. Each employee has access to their very own personal sports locker with HD video capture, access to their own direct line phone connection, access to the Internet through their own laptop, and unlimited sports channels to boot. This also means no more long-distance charges and no more late fees for sports team games. Simply put, if you’re looking to create your own sports broadcast, Sports HQ is the place to do it.

If you are considering creating your own sports broadcast, consider working at Sports HQ. The only requirement for entry into the sports-broadcasting business is to have an interest in sports and be able to write and call sports broadcasts. Once you complete all of your requirements, Sports HQ will assist you in every step of your way. From application assistance to full sports broadcasting instruction, Sports HQ can take you from a new media position to a sports broadcast position. So what are you waiting for?

If you are looking to break into sports broadcasting, consider working at Sports HQ. It is a great place to learn and work, and you’ll get the chance to hone your skills while gaining valuable experience. Plus, since Sports HQ offers internships and works right at home programs, you won’t have any trouble finding a sports broadcast job. Once you make your way to Sports HQ, you’ll discover a whole world of sports that you never knew existed!