Bespoke wardrobes is a fitting concept for small or odd-sized rooms. Loft conversions can have used furniture which can be difficult to fit into an existing room and which can add space. Small rooms can often have too much clutter on the floor for the furniture to be comfortable and the usual arrangement of cubes can take up much space.

Short wardrobes are a fantastic idea to allow for easy access from the stairs. Fitted bedroom furniture makes a compact unit to store bedding and robes, so that wardrobes are made more compact to meet the room requirements. Most bedrooms in some way require a wardrobe but small ones are particularly hard to fit and can cause problems.

For many people, getting a flat screen television for their room will be essential, not only as a space saver but also as a way to use the TV to help set the atmosphere in the room. They want to feel good about their choice of TV equipment and want the TV to reflect the room decor. Well fitted wardrobes for loft conversions can make the best of both worlds.

In a loft conversion, the ceiling height is usually very low and the room tends to be difficult to walk into. The traditional styles of loft conversions include tall, thin fitted wardrobes with little foot space. It is rare that someone will need to leave the room fully dressed when the first items of clothing are removed and the bed is being fitted.

The advantage of a small wardrobe is that it can easily fit two sets of bed clothes, and a small wardrobe will fit two separate sets of dressing gowns, frocks and slacks, allowing you to keep a mix of things. A smart-looking wardrobe can really tie the room together. The shortest wardrobes can be fitted in a corner of the room, providing enough space for wardrobe storage.

Using short wardrobes can make a conversion plan work out cheaper. If you only need one wardrobe, a larger one is going to cost you more than if you had two shorter ones. This means that the cost of the bedroom suite is also lower.

If you have a small bedroom suite, then you will find the extra space in a closet or over the washstand is very useful. It also gives you a place to hang your handbag or shoes in the event that you do need to leave the room. It can provide a place to dress quickly if you do need to get something ready for the rest of the family or guests.

Some loft conversions have no space in the room for fitted bedroom furniture. With a small room, the space in the loft will make it very difficult to get to the door without leaving half of the wardrobe out of the way. A short wardrobe can be fitted in easily and can then be locked when it is closed.

There are no major drawbacks to the use of short wardrobes in a loft conversion. They are an ideal solution for small rooms with a very limited floor space and they are a practical idea to use in a converted room which does not have a ‘real’ door.

Short wardrobes are also becoming more popular due to the popularity of smaller wardrobe furniture. Both styles of wardrobes look stylish and easy to fit. You can find stylish wardrobes that look smaller than ever before.

Short wardrobes are becoming more popular for Loft conversions as the price of standard sized wardrobes is very high. In a loft conversion the small width of the space will allow the use of a bespoke wardrobe with a tailored fit. It is possible to get wardrobes which can be fitted into a room with a limited space and have ample foot space in the walls to store the clothes and accessories you wish to use.

Using short wardrobes in a loft conversion can help to save a lot of money. Once the furniture is fitted, there is no need to buy a new wardrobe. You can save money by using your existing wardrobe and removing or changing things you don’t need, such as wardrobes and racks, keeping things you don’t use such as the wedding and bedspread.