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We strive to bring you all the latest and up to date news, articles, reviews, and videos for freelancers and for the business and technology industries! When we first started this website we knew we always wanted to help as many people as we could just didn’t know how. Finally, after reviewing our own journey we decided to help others who were dealing with the same problems and questions we were dealing with as we started learning these industries. As time went on we accumulated a large database of helpful articles, videos, and how-to guides that have greatly benefited us. We have decided to share these resources with the rest of the world with no strings attached. 

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Get all the information you need to be a successful freelancer. We have everything you need from starting the process of getting the training for your skill, getting your name out there, and getting your first client!

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Stay up to date on all the latest news and insights in the business industry! We have all the information you need to start up, grow, and run a successful business or corporation. Running a business can be pretty daunting, we just want to be able to help make that easier for you however we can.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency Cold Storage

Cryptocurrency (www.bigdataanalyticsnews.com/understanding-canadian-bitcoin-how-you-can-use-it) cold storage is the technical term given to remote online cold storage held offline for security purposes to protect cryptocoin funds from misuse by unauthorized others. A...

Train Across Canada – Adventure and Vacations of a Lifetime

Taking a Rail tour across Canada is one of the best ways to enjoy the Canadian landscape. Trains are a great way to see Canada because they allow travelers to cover a large distance very quickly and easily. There is no other transportation that can make this type of...

Pew Madafakas Cat T-Shirt

Pew madafakas cat shirts are the hot new thing in the fashion world. These pew cat t-shirts are very unique and are available in a number of designs. The designs are usually very cartoon like, or feature cats. They are a rage amongst teenagers and young adults, and...