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How to buy weed online from West Coast Supply is pretty easy. They have a secure site, which protects you from identity theft. Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase products through this secure online portal. This is one of the few online retailers in Canada that offers mail order products to customers outside of the country. They accept orders from patients residing in the United States and from patients in Canada.

Anyone who lives in Canada can order online without a prescription (online dispensary canada). Patients living in the United States can only order through a mail order Canadian outlet if they have a valid prescription from their doctor. There are no age restrictions on mail order marijuana businesses. This is all done strictly by federal law. Unlike many other companies, however, West Coast Supply does not sell expired or improperly prepared marijuana. They test each batch to make sure that it is potency meets the United Nations guidelines.

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When ordering online from this company, you can look through their catalog of products easily to see what they have available. They even offer a “click here” button for any product that you might be interested in. This makes it very easy for you to browse through what they have available. You can also read more information about certain products and read reviews from actual consumers just like you.

The best part of West Coast Supply is that they are honest about the ingredients in their products. If you see something that looks like it may contain a controlled substance, don’t buy it. There is plenty of other great companies online that are more concerned with quality than quantity. West Coast Supply isn’t one of them.

To get a hold of West Coast Supply, simply go to their website, check out their catalog of products, and select what you’d like to order. Once you’ve done that, enter your email address to confirm your order. Once that’s done, you’ll immediately begin to receive updates on your product, and you can monitor your shipping information. Most people say that West Coast Supply does an excellent job of tracking their packages, and they never let a customer down. In fact, once you buy a product through their online store, you’ll receive a special coupon for free shipping, too!

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