McDonough Arts is having a huge Popcorn Fund Raising sale starting Thursday, April 4th, at the Grandview Park Mall in McDonough. I have been going to this place for many years and I love the atmosphere, the people are very nice, friendly, and helpful, and they always have a smile on their face no matter how cold it gets outside. When you get there make sure you see the big building with the pink roof. When you go up the road a little further you will see the McDonough Arts building.

This is a very big place indeed, and it is the mainstay of the arts community in Grandview Park. It was founded in 1931 by William E. McDonough, who started a shoe store on the same street. He soon changed that into a candy store, then he and his partner started a painting studio. They named it The McDonough Art Building, and it has since been run by Mr. and Mrs. McDonough ever since.

Mcdonough Arts is having a Popcorn fundraising sale
Mcdonough Arts is having a Popcorn fundraising sale

There are usually about six or eight events that happen on a regular basis at this location as well as at several other locations around the Grandview Park area. These include poetry slams, film nights, auctions, live music, pot luck dinners, and of course the Popcorn Fundraiser. The fundraiser works very well since it brings in a lot of traffic into the mall during these events as well as out of it. McDonough Arts is a non-profit art collective, and all of the proceeds from the sale of popcorn and other food items go towards paying for the numerous art supplies needed to keep the studios running as well as providing classes for the artists who work there.

The Popcorn Fundraiser works wonderfully for a number of different reasons. It provides children with an outlet for getting creative while they earn money in the process. There is something very rewarding about creating something with your own two hands, especially when you are working with kids ages eight to twelve years old. Kids love to draw and paint, and if they can turn a soda can into a beautiful portrait or transform a plastic spoon into a bowl of jelly beans, they will feel very proud about their creation. This is a great way to encourage kids to use their imagination.

Poetry Slams is another way that the Popcorn Fundraiser helps the community. Each month, children can register for poetry slams. Once they have registered, they can then go to the front of the store and choose from any poem that has to do with art or poetry. The winner of the poem gets to pick up all of the poetry products that were donated to the store. They then get to take home a poem they have chosen that week. These products include poetry books, notebooks, pencils, pens, and more.

In addition to the fundraising that is taking place at the store, there are other ways for you to benefit from this wonderful fundraising idea. Many people sell items such as tee shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, and more. You can create fundraisers that cater to a specific age group or even collect money from the audience and turn around and donate it to the cause. The sky is the limit when it comes to fundraising for your favorite McDonough Arts store. Everyone wins!

For adults, a great idea for fundraisers is to host a wine tasting party for your adult customers and offer a special appreciation gift for the mature customer. You can do this by setting up an outside picnic table where you will serve fabulous spring or summer tasting foods. You can also have a special hamper of chocolates and other goodies for the older crowd. Many people just love Chocolate or have chocolate related gift ideas.

Mcdonough Arts is always looking for creative ideas for their fundraisers. They offer a variety of fundraising programs to help you reach your goals and help the community benefit from sales of art supplies. This company is dedicated to making anyone’s dreams come true with their products. So stay tuned for more great ideas for your next art supplies fundraiser!